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Fly Brown Aero – Our team of experts with over 20 years of military training experience can provide a full range of training services. 

  • Discovery Flights
  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • CFI/CFII Training
  • Aircraft Acquisition assistance
  • Full Time training with housing available
Our experienced quality flight instructors can work with you to meet your goals.  Call us today to get started!

Student Accomplishments

  • Blake W. – Congratulations on your Private Pilot certificate!
  • Chaz S. – Recently completed his solo flight and Private Pilot certificate!
  • Jim T. – Congratulations on your first solo!
  • Sully M. – Congratulations on earning your Instrument Rating!
  • Brandon - Congratulations on your first solo in the Piper Warrior!


"Brown Aero is a great asset to anybody wishing to pursue flight training. After flying both at large part 141 flight schools and smaller part 61 schools, I have found part 61 to be more effective and more economical. If you seek greater flexibility and independence, coupled to a high level quality of instruction, Brown Aero is exactly what you are looking for. I would not hesitate to recommend Brown Aero to any of my close friends or for that matter, anybody interested in learning how to fly."

-David S., Auburn University Student

"If there's one word to describe my overall experience with Brown Aero it's PREPARED! Whether sitting for the written exam or completing the check ride, I always felt 100% prepared. In the end, the staff's motivation and years of experience helped me earn my Private Pilot license. I can say, without hesitation, that the Brown Aero training staff will prepare you to be a competent and confident pilot!"

– Chaz S., Airport Planner

Brown Aero Flight Training Experience
"The first airplane I ever flew in was a King Air 350; of course I was not flying the plane I was just along for the ride, and from that day forward my interest in becoming a pilot escalated. At the time I was a freshman in college and did not have the time to dedicate to flight training, not to mention learning the regulations. None the less, I pushed through my classes with the dream of becoming a pilot. Over a Christmas break, I got the chance to take an introductory flight with a flight instructor, this helped me decide that piloting an aircraft was something I wanted to do someday. When my last semester of college finally rolled around, I realized that I only had to take one class to graduate and I thought to myself I am going to have a lot of extra time on my hands with nothing to do. A few days later I was walking down the hall at the school house and I saw a poster on the bullion board and it had a picture of an airplane and a phone number to call for information about flight training. That evening I called the number and Mrs. Regina answered; I had no idea what to say or what questions to ask her about becoming a pilot, all I knew is that I wanted to fly. Once we properly introduced over the phone she began to inform me on all the requirements that had to be met and the steps that had to be taken to become a private pilot. By the end of the conversation we decided it would be a good idea to set up a meeting at the airport and talk more in-depth about what I would need to do to become a pilot.  

At the meeting, Mrs. Regina pulled out a TON of books pertaining to regulations, weather, airplane dynamics, etc. and said that I would need to know the majority of the information within them in order to pass the oral, written, and skill examinations to receive my pilot's license. That was the first time it hit me that I was going to have to explain, by word of mouth, how to fly an airplane to a flight examiner. Anyway, at the meeting she showed me the airplane we would be using to train and the different instruments used to fly the airplane. The airplane was a Piper Warrior and was very clean in the cabin, on the exterior, and under the hood; which is not the case in some training aircraft. We also went over the documentation that had to be in the airplane at all times and the different items to check (Preflight Inspection) on the airplane before flying. By the end of the meeting I had decided that this was the way I was going to capture my dream of becoming a pilot. We set up the first flight training session for the following week. 

The further along we got into flight training the more I began to realize that taking off, preforming maneuvers, and navigating was not very difficult; however, landing the plane without slamming into the ground, which I did a lot at the beginning, was the major challenge. None the less, Mrs. Regina was extremely patient with me in my journey of learning to land gently and with the plane under control. I should also add that the time spent flying was just about always working toward the minimum flight experience required by the FAR/AIM regulations; thus meaning that the time spent in the air was as cost effective as possible, which is not the case for all flight training operations.  It should be noted that some people make take more time than others to become proficient in flying; it just depends on your skill level. 

I started my flight training in January 2012 with the goal of receiving my private pilot's licenses by August 2012.  I informed Mrs. Regina of this when I stated and she said it could be done if I put in time it requires. I spent a lot of time on my own reading and in order to keep the cost of ground training down, which some ground training is required no matter what; I purchased the Sporty's Learn to Fly DVD's so that I could understand the material covered during ground training sessions. I highly recommend this because it provides a great visual aid of the flight maneuvers and different flying scenarios you will have to perform during your training; it also helps prepare you for the written exam. As for the written exam, another source I used to study for the written exam was the Private Pilots Written Exam book published by Gleim. I kept a steady pace from day one preparing myself for the written exam, which I took and passed in May 2012 (4 months after training started).

I was able to complete all the required training and flight experience by August and I took my oral and skill in August. I met with Mrs. Regina twice a week just about every week between January and August. It takes a lot of time and dedications on your part to meet the FAR/AIM requirements and become proficient in flying an aircraft. As for the oral examination, I only missed a few question, not because Mrs. Regina did not cover them but because I just could not remember them. The skills tests went as well as it could have considering that the weather was not favorable and the turbulence that day was terrible. I passed and received my private pilot's licenses that day and since have taken several friends and family members up so  they could experience the freedom of flight. I am planning on pursuing my instrument rating in the future. Mrs. Regina is an excellent flight instructor and is very accommodating if you have a tight schedule. I highly recommend her if you are truly wanting to pursue your pilots licenses."

- Blake W., Auburn University Graduate Student

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